LC-A 120

SKU: lp120int
Cable Release Connection:     Yes
Battery Type: 3x AG13 / LR44 / 357 / SR44
Available Apertures:: Automatic f4.5 to f16
Shutter Speed::: Automatic - ∞ to 1/500
Focal Length: 38mm
Color: Black
Film Advance: Knob
Flash connection: Hot-Shoe
Focusing: Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance: 0.6m - infinity
Frame Counter: Auto Frame Counter
Material: Metal
Tripod Mount: No
Lightmeter: Yes
View Finder: Direct optical viewfinder

Horizon Kompakt

Artikelposition: hkp300
Kabelauslöseranschluss:         Nein
Battery Type: Nein
Blende: f2.8-16
Verschlusszeit:           Day Mode - 1/60; Night Mode - 1/2
Brennweite: 75mm
Farbe: Black
Filmtransport: Lever
Blitzanschluss: Keine
Fokus: Focus-free
Fokussierungsabstand:      2m - infinty
Bildzähler: Auto Frame Counter
Material: Plastic
Stativanschluss: Nein
Lichtmesser: Nein
Sucher: Real-image viewfinder

Colorspash White Classic

SKU: h401
Cable Release Connection:         No
Battery Type: 1 x AA
Available Apertures: fixed f8
Shutter Speed: 1/125 (N) , Bulb (B)
Focal Length: No
Color: White
Film Advance: Winder
Flash connection: None
Focusing: Fixed Focus
Focusing Distance: 1m - Infinity
Frame Counter: Auto Reset
Material: Plastic
Tripod Mount: No
Lightmeter: No
View Finder: Direct optical viewfinder